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Medical Practice


A specialist Dermatology clinic focuses on the wellbeing of patients from 5 locations in South Australia. The central location houses all the backend technology and data, including a growing and active patient database. Data security and data retention are crucial in this industry. As such, the clinic employs a range of Microsoft Small Business technologies to support the IT infrastructure.

The underlying backup technology is based on the BoonBox unit. This unit houses image based backups of the servers. Critical data, which changes constantly thought the day is captured in 15 minute intervals, stored on the BoonBox and synchronised to external storage media for offsite storage.

Additionally, there are a number of critical Windows workstations, and a number of Macintosh workstations that are important to the day to day operations. These workstations are also imaged to the BoonBox for quick recovery should a situation arise.

As space is limited, the servers are stored in a built cabinet above medical records in a small staff rest area. Noise generated from operating servers meant that the cabinet had to be enclosed with a ventilation fan direct to ceiling space. The BoonBox operates efficiently in this small space, and the included Management Card allows the IT support company to quickly identify mbient conditions that may be detrimental to the servers in this confined space and take action remotely.

IT Managed Services Provider


As a Managed Services Provider, PowerBiz Solutions relies heavily on a 24x7 operational framework. Ensuring that critical data is backed up and being readily available in case it is needed is crucial for an organisation that provides managed IT care to over 500 endpoints

Australia-wide. The BoonBox has been in operation as a proof of concept design for over a year. In that time, the unit has … worked. Basically, nothing more can be said for the little box in the corner, which runs 24x7, constantly receiving data from several servers. The unit has not been shut down, except to apply system updates.

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